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Latest Video:
"Never Forgotten." A short film I made in Fall of 2012 for a class at Austin School of Film. 
Thanks to all the cast and crew for being amazing people and helping me get this movie made in such a short period of time and on a very low budget. You guys were and are amazing. 
I hope to do more short films and maybe features in the future.
Enjoy! :D

Exciting News!

So about a month ago I was hired to make a video for local indy gaming company "Minicore Studios." They are in the middle of creating their new game called "Laika Believes." It's a game about the first creature to travel space, a dog named Laika. In this game, unlike in reality, she actually survives (yeah she died in real life...sad right?) and you play as her as she comes home to a different world. It's a really cool premise and the game looks so far really cool from what I've seen while I worked inside the office behind the scenes. 

At this point, the game is seeking some funding via Kickstarter. Right now (8/2/13) Minicore has relaunched the campaign with a much lower asking price. Everything is explained in the new Kickstarter video below. Check it out and pledge if it's something that interests you and to support independent game makers and video producers.  I'll leave a link to the other Kickstarter video on their previous campaign since it has a  more in depth look at the game and is seen as an interview with the studio. Also, the new funding tracker is on the bottom as well and it's almost 10% complete already under a only a few hours of being uploaded.
Check it out, and of course, thank you for checking out RealGoGetters.com and enjoy your stay!

Click here to watch the "Laika Believes Interview."

Click here to go to the "Laika Believes Kickstarter Page."

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